Hey It’s Okay

to stay in on your day off. ALL. DAY. IN. BED

fashion image

to have a girl crush. EVEN when you’re straight

sabrina claudio image

to have an ice cream today

ice cream, food, and nails image

to watch FRIENDS everyday

90s, hilarious, and lol image

if you LOVE shopping in SALE Section

outfit, fashion, and style image

and ABSOLUTELY OK to feel empowered everyday

quotes, gold, and baby image

to still listen to Christmas songs

christmas, light, and winter image

have full face make up even if you’re not going anywhere

makeup, girl, and beauty image

if you have a pet voice or a doggy voice. Because do you even have pet if you don’t have a cute doggy voice. Whooosh mahh cute wittle puppyyy

dog, cute, and puppy image

if you didn’t make it all the way here because you got bored reading this.

mean girls, movie, and grunge image

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoyed this post. We Heart Fridays is back. If you’re new here, We Heart Fridays is a Friday Inspiration consisting of beautiful photos from

DISCLAIMER: Photos are from I do NOT own the photos. All credits goes to the owner of these photos. These photos inspires me that I thought I’d share to my readers as well.

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.

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