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You all know how much I love Wet Seal. The past few post here have been how sad I was when I found out they are closing. But I have been such a loyal customer I kept on checking their website making sure I throw in some feedback to help this store come back. Well, the efforts seemed to help…because…drumroll pleaseTHEY ARE BACK!

IMG_5336 2-2IMG_5327-2

Although, there is no date when they’re coming back, I just can’t wait to see their new collections and shop again. So with that being said, for today’s post I wanted to share my photos from my recent Cafè stop at Succulent Cafe for a cup of coffee wearing my favorite LBD from Wet Seal. I love this dress so much as this dress compliments my body. I love how this goes really well with a short black booties. The strap on the neckline gave the look more beautiful details.


Are you excited for the Wet Seal to come back?

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.

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Shop the same dress here:

Boohoo Plus Laura Cross Front Swing Dress


11 thoughts on “Succulent Cafe

  1. I absolutely Loveeeeee your outfit, your style and your attitude. It is a really good blog and the pictures are amazing ☺️


  2. Well, I must confess I didn’t know how much you love Wet Seal, just found out 🙂 Also, it’s the first time to hear about Wet Seal, but I must admit you made me quite curious to see their new collection.


  3. Beautiful outfit! It does suits you very well! I love we had quaint little coffee shops like that one over this side of the world!


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