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Hey there Darlings! Welcome back to We heart Fridays where I post Friday Inspirations for Fridays from We Heart It.

DISCLAIMER: Photos are from I do NOT own the photos. All credits goes to the owner of these photos. These photos inspires me that I thought I’d share to my readers as well.


Lately, my obsession has been Lana Del Rey and her new music with The Weekend – Lust for Life. I love this song so much that I kept it on repeat. I just love Lana Del Rey. I think she is very beautiful, bold and very sexy. If you’d open my Top 5 Women who I’m going to be lesbian for list, she is without a doubt one of them. Her fashion and music style is soo interesting to me. I always find her tragic romance, pop culture very  1950 and 1960 American type of music very appealing to me. I love singing along with her song ever since Summertime Sadness.


Do you like Lana Del Rey? What’s your favorite song of hers?

Yours Truly,


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