Sweater Weather

Ahhh…the sweater weather. There’s nothing more relaxing than just to stare outside watch the rain pour down as I sip on my hot cocoa. I have to admit, I really do love winter season. I love the rain, the snow, the cold weather. What can I say, I’m a woman who loves to stay in bed, binge on Netflix as I sip on my hot cocoa cozied up in my warm sweater.

Sweater weather screams for lots and lots of layers. And one of the things I love to dress with layers are the knit sweaters. Knit sweaters can go a long a way. Whether you’d go for a neutral sweater or the dark knit sweater, they can go anywhere.  I love layering this with a simple spaghetti straps or a shirt and even collar shirts. To complete the look, pair your sweater with any jeans, leggings and even skirt and voila, ready for thee best sweater weather.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Waffle Knit Sweater by Wetseal Plus

Plus Size Open Knit Sweater by Forever 21 Plus

Cable Knit Sweater by Sears



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